Remote Support

Desktop Support

Configuration Whether you need help setting up a program, editing settings on your Gmail, or simply a refresher on how to do something on Windows or OSX, our remote desktop service is perfect for you! Not only is it a cheaper option than Onsite service, but generally we will be able to help you faster than booking a visit! As modern day computers and internet speeds get faster and faster, this option has become increasingly popular with our customers.

Troubleshooting Not sure what’s wrong, or why? As long as your internet connection is working, remote desktop can either help solve your problem entirely, or give us enough information to prepare an Onsite visit!

Web Services

Admin Services Does your website have dynamic content that changes with your business? Whether it’s simply updating text, serving high definition video, or even running a complex customer database, web administration services are essential to staying relevant in today’s fast paced digital age. From daily scans for malicious code, content updates, or protecting your email server from spam attacks – let us take the worry out of keeping your website in top shape.

Cloud Computing Everyone is talking about The Cloud these days, and for good reason! What is The Cloud? The Cloud is just an idea – keeping your essential files online. This can be the difference between crushing that meeting and losing the sale. Whether you use 3rd party cloud services, or wish to host your own (perhaps due to confidentiality or compliance issues) – Blinktwice has experience across a wide array of computing and file transfer services.

Migration Sometimes a website can become obsolete as it gets older, usually due to older code that fails to take advantage of newer innovations in web technology.  Maybe the design just feels a bit antiquated and could use a makeover! Whatever the reason, migrating your website can be quick and easy depending on the scale. Contact us for a consultation to see what it takes to launch your web presence into the future!