Onsite Support

With so many diverse uses for technology, Blinktwice is always striving to meet your support needs. Below you will find lists of our most common onsite services, but don’t let this limit you! Whatever your needs, we can tailor a solution that best suits you and your technological environment.

Technical Support

Maintenance Like any machine, regular maintenance helps to prevent issues before they arise. Depending on the scale of your IT environment, maintenance can be provided at whatever frequency suits your specific requirements.  From simple monthly checkups to more involved weekly or even daily routines, maintenance service includes data integrity checks, regular backups, preemptive part replacement and more.

Repairs Even regular maintenance can’t prevent unexpected hardware or software malfunctions. Repair services are geared towards those time-sensitive and mission-critical system failures such has hard disk crashes, dead monitors or overheating processors. You can rest assured that if something does fail, you’ll be back up and running in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Upgrades Upgrades can be a part of your regular maintenance routine, or simply performed when the latest and greatest hardware gets released.  As a general rule, if your needs haven’t changed then your hardware shouldn’t need to. However if you want to take advantage of the latest software releases, eventually you’ll need to upgrade to maintain the level of performance you’re used to.


Local Networks Almost every home and office in this day and age has a network of some kind. Computers, cell phones, voice over IP (VoIP) devices all need to be connected. Whether you’re building a new network, or looking to boost the performance of an existing one – we can help! Network design is as unique as your location. We can test or run new Ethernet lines, boost WiFi signals, add or improve Internet security, and much more.

Remote Networks Most people have heard of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) – but what is it really? The Internet is an array of connections spanning the globe – but in such a public place security is of utmost importance. Rather than opening your network(s) up to possible attacks, a VPN is a secure way of connecting two physically separate networks or devices, without exposing your important information to the world. Whether you need full access to an entire site, or just one essential network service – we’ll help you connect almost anything to anything else – safely and securely.

Security Hackers, viruses, spammers – the Internet is full of threats and they are constantly evolving.  Network and Internet security can be a daunting and complex world. We can survey your systems for common vulnerabilities and plug them before it ever becomes an issue. Are you a larger organization with compliance requirements? Our partners can perform some of the most advanced network penetration testing available. No system is ever 100% secure, but using the latest advances in software and hardware protection, combined with training on best practices online – you can rest assured stay as safe as possible.